About The Wetlands

About the RCI Wetlands Center of Learning Excellence

RCI classes are developing a wetland for students, the community and visitors to the area. Our school has decided to pursue this project along Aspen Trail in order to promote Outdoor Education for students, sustainability, and appreciation of and care for the environment. We will be doing different types of water testing, building docks and an outdoor classroom, as well as hosting interpretive tours for elementary students and more! We want to be able to educate other people about our wetland. It is very important for people to know the pros and cons of having a wetland and to know that we must protect our wetlands. Wetlands act like a giant sponge and filter out the water. Not only are they good for water but they provide a shelter and home for many different species of animals and plants. Rivers Collegiate Wetland Learning Center of Excellence is a man-made wetland. It was used by the railway as a gravel-pit before it was bull dozed as a reclamation project when it was no longer needed; because the railway converting from steam to diesel. Since then, run-off has collected into a marsh and developed with vegetation and wildlife.