New Structure

	We are very proud to announce the completion of the building of a student learning shelter 
at our Wetland Centre of Excellence.  With our wetland about 25 minutes away from school by foot 
we have often been challenged by inclement weather impacting our days at the wetland. Now with the building 
of an 18 x 24 shelter we have enough room to get out of some of the elements that can make for a challenging 
day in the outdoors. Our Grade four students who come for interpretive field trips will not have to run for 
their bus when it starts to rain but, now they can rest comfortably inside our new shelter. 
We would like to recognize 
the unbelievable cooperation of all the partners who made this possible; 
Riverdale Municipality, Johann Lok, Ken Tait, Donna Morken for helping us and supporting this project.More


	RCI students are developing a local wetland area for students, 
the community and visitors to the area. Our school has decided to pursue this 
project along Aspen Trail in order to promote sustainability, and appreciation 
of and care for the environment. More

New Signs


	A number of new signs have been installed at the Rivers Wetland Centre of Excellence. 
These signs were a part of a project undertaken by one the School's Wetland Management classes. 
It was in part a part of their legacy that will continue on long 
after their graduation from the the collegiate. 
2016 graduate Tim Knelsen remarked that he's proud of the part he played in 
developing the signs now present at the wetland. 
They really add to the wetland's importance to our community and 
they show how much our community is a part of our High School.More

RCI Education Program

	As part of the Outdoor Education course developed at Rivers Collegiate, 
Grade 10 students have been trained as Interpreters by Fort Whyte staff in order 
to develop and deliver educational programming to Early Years students. Visit our 
Education Programming page to view our student developed educational programs 
available for schools. More